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"Pulse Park and the massive pummel and empathy of "Sine Wave" from the MUST HAVE debut "Phonac Music" 

American Pancake

"German/Canadian outfit Pulse Park has delivered one of the most engaging indie records so far in 2022 in the form of ‘Phonac Music’"

Right Chord Music

"Album of the Day: A warm and notable debut for the arctic explorers"

Turn Up The Volume

"Noisy but melodic, loud but gentle – not alternating back and forth, but riding the line itself"

Postcard Elba

"What a beautiful album, truly unexpected and surprising"

Edgar Allan Poets

"We love it loud… but we love it beautiful at the same time"


"'Sine Wave is the epitome of the indie earworm"

A&R Factory

"They are clearly excellent musicians in their own right, but when they come together, magic happens!"



"They have raised the bar with this vibrant debut album, where they effortlessly mesh together the kinetic kick of alternative rock with the dreamy waves of shoegaze"

Small Music Scene

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