„Pulse Park have created a tune perfect for anyone who is wanting to delve into the noise-rock genre, whilst keeping enough of an indie-rock familiarity.“


„It’s a super great discovery, one that we hope we get more of from these guys in no time.“

- We All Want Someone To Shout For

„... a great first effort from a new band and leaving the listener looking forward to hearing more...“

- Indie Music Plus

„With influences coming from the indie-rock genre twisted with the dark postpunk vibes and the energy of the Alternative rock,
‚THE EQUIDISTANCE‘ is the perfect blend of Radiohead, Placebo and Joy Division.“


„The track is a dark slice of post-punk with a driving bassline and melancholic vocals as well as a fresh edge brought on by the hypnotic guitar parts.“

- Mix It All Up

„ ‚The Equidistance‘ captures the dampened Joy Division sound slapped point-blank with a hybridized Ambulance LTD-Built to Spill fancy.“


„... a bright and pulsing slice of sweeping indie-rock...“

- Mystic Sons

„Arctic explorers, Pulse Park, deliver a debut E.P. that is full of shimmering guitar effects, irresistible basslines and powerful drumbeats.“

- Indie Groove Music Blog

„Pulse Park’s latest track ‚Apollonian Heart‘, is a slice of 90s indie rock heaven that blends expansive, guitar-led sonics with distinct yet hazy vocals to invoke a uniquely hypnotic musical landscape.“

- Right Chord Music

„Pulse Park’s new single ‚The Equidistance‘ would’ve been right at home on my old mix tapes, just as it’s fitting on my current playlists.“

- From The Strait

„With an enthusiastic start, the scene is set on what is to come here from this fab band.“

- A&R Factory